This is a selected list of recent publications on website blocking in India by the freedom of expression team at Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) on website blocking in India. Please visit CIS' website to view more of our work.

On technical methods and inconsistencies in website blocklists

Divyank Katira, Gurshabad Grover, Kushagra Singh and Varun Bansal, CensorWatch: On the Implementation of Online Censorship in India, February 2023, Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI '23).

Kushagra Singh, Gurshabad Grover and Varun Bansal, How India Censors the Web, July 2020, Proceedings of the 12th ACM Web Science Conference.

Simone Basso, Gurshabad Grover and Kushagra Singh, Investigating TLS blocking in India, July 2020, Open Observatory of Network Interference

Gurshabad Grover and Kushagra Singh, Reliance Jio is using SNI inspection to block websites, November 2019, Centre for Internet and Society

On the legal framework of website blocking

Gurshabad Grover and Anna Liz Thomas, Notes From a Foreign Field: The European Court of Human Rights on Russia’s Website Blocking, 5 February 2021, Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy.

Torsha Sarkar and Gurshabad Grover, Content takedown and users’ rights, 12 February 2020, The Leaflet.

Gurshabad Grover, To preserve freedoms online, amend the IT Act [rules], 16 April 2019, Hindustan Times.